The Viber Sticker Pack is now available!

DPG Digital media once again leads the way, presenting the first available Viber Sticker Pack for Digital Media in Greece. DPG worked with Viber, the leading global messaging application, in order to create the first Digital Media sticker pack in the country for, the premium, multi-awarded women’s online destination.

Specifically, a sticker pack powered by was created, providing Viber users in the country, a new and entertaining way of direct, efficient and fun way of communication, introducing cutting – edge visual communication elements. The sticker pack offers a compact communication solution for every day chats between friends and family.

Download stickers now for free:

Fans can now follow Viber Public Account for exclusive beauty tips and links to the latest lifestyle articles from the Bloggers of the Queen Group, which includes personalities such as Duchesss Nomikou, Ismene Ntafopoulou, Despina Kambouri, Nikoletta Ralli, Mamatsita, Samantha Apostolopoulou, etc.

Follow the Viber Public Account:

DPG Digital Media is maintaining a proactive and 360 approach to its audience needs, while at the same time is continuously certifying its dynamic growth and efforts in providing advance pioneering services. This new digital offering is further enhancing a wide range of an innovative partnership between DPG Digital Media and Viber.



The New is now "live"!

With a renewed design and enriched content, the popular sports website of DPG Digital Media has been redesigned and is now “live”.

The visitors of the renewed are not only kept up to date regarding sports news,  but acquire a complete and multidimensional view, having at their disposal a variety of premium content emphasizing on opinion and analysis, rich multimedia, extreme sports, as well as anything they need to know regarding sports betting.

With a mobile first design, the redesign of was also carried out with an emphasis in advanced speed, ease of navigation, enhanced user experience, as well as the best possible display of the site’s content.

At the same time, information architecture was structured in such a way, to significantly reinforce viewability of available display ads, both on a desktop and mobile environment. Apart from available display ad options, the new offers brands and advertisers a variety of solutions, such as native advertising, in stream advertising, rich media display and content sponsorship.

Nikos Sirigos, Editorial Sports Head of DPG Digital Media, stated regarding the new “We want to be able to express opinions and not just report on the news. Our editors, above all, are sports fans, offering a clear view and a clear position”.


DPG Digital media is leading the way, presenting the first informative Viber Public Accounts in Greece

Viber, the premier message exchanging application globally, announced its new Public Accounts service. DPG Digital Media, has developed and presents the first Viber Public Accounts in the Greek media market. Specifically via Viber’s Public Accounts the visitors of, and will be able to connect to the Μedia of their choice using a channel that promotes and encourages not only interaction but direct personal contact as well.

Log in on Viber, search and follow the Public Accounts of, and , to enjoy swiftly the new era of personalized information through the ability to receive messages (1on1 chats) as well as through the advanced Chatbots that will be answering your questions.

Mrs Tina Ferentinou, General Manager of DPG Digital, stated:  “We are extremely proud that a global leading brand such as Viber, partners  with DPG DIGITAL MEDIA to activate the first Public Accounts of News Media in the Greek market, as part of the launch of this service.

This partnership certifies in the best way possible the dynamic growth of DPG Digital Media and its continuous effort to provide modern pioneering services to its audience. Our main goal is to create a loyal fan base for the brands we own, or commercially manage,, through the development of new distribution channels and personalized communication tools.

On Viber’s behalf, Mr. Atanas Raykov, Head of International Partnerships and General Manager for East and central Europe stated: “We are very happy that in DPG Digital Media we’ve found an innovative partner who is capable to apply first this new service in the field of information, clearing the path for the rest of our partners to develop their own communication channels on our new social media platform for enterprises/businesses: the Viber Public Accounts.”

A few words about Public Accounts

The Public Accounts allow businesses, popular commercial brands and public figures to easily interact non-stop on a personal basis with more than 800 million unique Viber users all over the world.

Comment – Keeping it Real

The new men’s website by DPG Digital Media is now live is the new men’s website of DPG Digital Media, the most diversified digital media network in Greece, formed by an experienced team of editors, under the guidance of the Head of the DPG Lifestyle content, Mr. Petros Kostopoulos. 

The term “Ratpack” has its roots at a symbolic notion which already counts 60 years and is still evolving. Although the term was originally coincided with the group of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis JR., its essence pre existed and will continue to exist by taking new forms, while a remains a benchmark in the man’s life.

Its rich and premium content features categories such as: style, relationships, opinion articles, sports, exclusive interviews, women, cars, travel and technology, as well as a variety of suggestions for going out. does not aim to “patronize” its audience, but rather to share experiences and address men in a down to earth manner, without at the same time depriving them of the right to hope and dream

Through a mobile first design and a variety of available advertising solutions which include among other native advertising, in – stream advertising, rich media display ads, mobile advertising as well as tailored sponsorship solutions, the new website of DPG Digital Media offers to the brands and advertisers targeting the male audience, the opportunity to successfully address them.



Continuous distinctions for DPG Digital Media

Honorary Distinction Awarded for the CNN Mobile App at the IAB MiXX Awards 2016

For the second consecutive year, DPG is awarded with a Honorary Distinction at the 2016 IAB MiXX Awards, for the mobile application of CNN Greece (“Mobile Platform or App” category), once more confirming thesuccessful course and theinnovative elements of the digital media properties,  owned or commercially managed by DPG Digital Media.

Additionally, this award constitutes another acknowledgment of the exceptional dynamics of the CNN Greece brand and its unique potential for further growth, in addition to the seven awards won at DIME 2016, five of which were gold.

The mobile application of CNN Greece was developed in collaboration with Warply, on behalf of DPG Digital Media.



A night full of awards for DPG Digital Media, at DIME 2016

DPG wins 13 awards  5 of which Gold!

June 16th was a night of celebration for DPG Digital Media, as the most diversified digital network in the Greek Market, was awarded 13 awards in total,  in this year’s Digital Media Awards 2016, , affirming its highly successful course for a third consecutive year.

Most of the properties which are owned or commercially managed by DPG won a variety of awards, specifically:

CNN Greece won 7 awards, 5 of which gold, for the following categories:

“Best Outstanding New Project/Product”, “Best New Entry”, “Cross Platform Content”, “Best Responsive Site” and “Integrated Reporting”.

Additionally, CNN Greece won 2 more silver awards for “Best Use of Multimedia Features / Video – Photography” and “Best Mobile Application” (The mobile app was created by Warply on behalf of DPG).

Dutchesss Daily, the mini – site hosted in,  carrying  the exclusive signature of Doukissa Nomikou, won two silver awards for the categories of “Best Special Issue“ and “Best Launch & Re-launch Campaign (Publisher)”, for its launch campaign, which was designed and implemented by LAB14, the advertising agency of  the DPG Group of Companies. additionally won the silver award for “Best Native Advertising (Publisher)” for the campaign of “Always, Unstoppable #likeagirl” by Procter & Gamble., DPG’s  leading lifestyle brand, won a silver award for “Best Use of Twitter”, in regard to the twitter coverage in provided for the 2015 Eurovision Contest., which has been toping the Greek internet traffic performance metrics for the past 18 months, won a bronze award for “Best Special Issue” (Gift Guide 2016).

Finally, won a bronze award for “Best Engagement Strategy” for a project run in 2015, which succeeded in welcoming the personal motherhood stories of its audience.

“We are exceptionally proud that the cutting edge services offered by DPG regarding content production, as well as creation & implementation of comprehensive advertising and communication solutions for our clients, are recognized not only by the market, but also by an institution like the DIME awards. This year’s awards carry an additional importance for us, since these clearly confirm the dynamic and the exceptional further growth potential of CNN Greece, DPG’s new strategic project”, stated Tina Ferentinou, CEO of DPG Digital Media.”Such awards constitute an additional motivational drive for all the people that are a part of the family of DPG and work for the creation of dynamic, premium products and services”. 



Impressive Traffic Performance for

The site recorder over 9, 5 million Pageviews during the Eurovision 2016 week, part of the DPG Digital Media Network, demonstrated an impressive performance during the week of Eurovision 2016 (9-16/5). Specifically, between 9-16/5, the site recorded 9.696.310 Pageviews, 2.292.215 Visits and 1.076.329 Estimated Unique Visitors (Source: ΑΤ INTERNET).

On Sunday May 15th, the following day of the Eurovision Final, ranked on the top four websites of the country, among all websites measured by AT Internet, confirming once more its leading position, not only in the Lifestyle Media, but in regard to the entire Greek digital media market (Source: ΑΤ INTERNET / Estimated Unique Users).

 “The team of is delighted and very proud of this record traffic performance achieved during this year’s Eurovision event.  Although Eurovision is an event that lasts only for a week, is of immense importance to all Lifestyle Media and from our side we have been working on it for almost a year prior, in order to achieve our goals. Goals which are not limited to achieving the top ranking performance results during Eurovision, but include the consistent growth of the site’s traffic performance” stated Dionisia Zapatina, Director of

Comment celebrated its’ 4th Birthday with a big party!

Comment celebrated its’ 4th Birthday with a big party!

The richest motherhood portal with premium content for new parents,  part of the DPG Digital Media Network, recently celebrated its 4th birthday by organizing a big party for all its’ readers and their children. Friends of had the opportunity to spend a beautiful and relaxing morning, meeting and discussing with Despoina Kampouri and the rest of the editorial team of the website, while their children were enjoying a variety of creative activities and many other surprises.  

In the context of the party, and DPG supported the Non Profit Organization for the Protection of the Unborn Child “Agalia” (Syllogos Prostasias Agennitou Paidiou “Agalia”)



DPG Digital Media sets a new traffic record!

DPG network performed the highest monthly audience reach, ever recorded on the Greek Internet


DPG Digital Media network reached a total of 11.438.522 Unique visitors on February, based on the official accredited traffic measure data (ΑΤ INTERNET/ OJD / ΕΝΕΔ), the highest network reach ever recorded on the Greek Internet, since the commencement of the cohesive accredited audience measurement of ENED in 2013.

On this occasion Tina Ferentinou, CEO of DPG Digital Media, stated: “This impressive unique traffic record follows a year of exceptional performances and seals the leading position of DPG Digital Media. Through our diverse brands portfolio, which among others includes, CNN Greece,, and and is commercially managed by DPG, we continue offering content of the highest quality and cutting edge advertising services to the market”.




The site established top position, among all Greek websites, for 2015, the leading news site monetized by DPG Digital Media, maintained the top spot in the official website traffic statistics provided by the Union of Internet Publishers (ENED/ AT Internet) for December 2015, recording 4.242.048 unique browsers.

Based on the official traffic data, demonstrates a year of exceptional performance and impressive records, by remaining at the top of the official visitor traffic ratings of all Greek websites, every month in 2015.

These unique performance results are recorded in a year of intense competition among the many significant news sites of the country, given the turbulent political and economic environment which increased the interest of users for valid and multilateral information, in a year when two critical national elections and a referendum took place.

On the occasion of this important success, Vasilenia Angeloudi, Commercial Director of the DPG Digital Media Group stated: “The leading position of in the field of digital communication and information, is clearly depicted in the trust shown by advertisers. A trust that is won on a daily basis, by offering cutting – edge creative solutions, mobile services, a strong active presence on social media channels, as well as the opportunity to be identified with the content or the agenda of their choice. This leading position of is the result of a multidimensional strategy, which introduces the production of premium news & entertainment content and leads to commercial success”


Comment goes live as CNN Greece begins its online and mobile operations

Athens, November 5, 2015. Last night saw the official launch event for, a dynamic Greek-language digital offering from DPG Digital Media and CNN International Commercial that combines international news with local content and video.

Various representatives of Greece’s political and business worlds gathered at the Benaki Museum,Athens, to celebrate the launch of CNN Greece, which is now available both online and on mobile.

The result of close collaboration between CNN International and DPG Digital Media, CNN Greece provides a Hellenic digital version of the innovative, award-winning CNN news platform to the Greek public. offers content of national and local interest with a focus on video, as well as coverage of international news and major events through content from CNN and its partner network. Besides its core values, which combine transparency, accuracy and telling multiple sides of a story with a balanced approach, is adopting the conduct and operational code synonymous with CNN.


NEWSBOMB.GR remains the top news site choice for September 2015


NEWSBOMB.GR remains the top news site choice for September 2015, monetized by DPG Digital Media, once again remained on the top spot of the official website traffic statistics provided by the Union of Internet Publishers (ENED/ AT Internet) in September 2015. The official numbers released by ENED for September ranked first in terms of unique browsers reach among all news sites, recording 4.146.516 unique visitors.

Through a constant flow of news, opinion articles, analysis, liveblogs, live webcasts and behind the scenes reporting, provided a full coverage of all the relevant news surrounding the Parliamentary Elections of September 2015, proving the majority of the Greek Internet Users trust for its valid and timely provided news.