A new era begins for Newsbomb.gr, as the leading news site has renewed its layout and design, adding a wealth of new features and sections, while at the same time sustaining its revealing and explosive content that has placed it amongst the top news destinations with over 3.195.000 unique visitors per month (Source: Google Analytics, October 2014).

The redesign coincides with the site’s four year anniversary of leading online presence. During this time Newsbomb.gr has managed to gain the public’s interest and become a top preference for daily news, enjoying a steady increase on quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Entering its 5th year, Newsbomb.gr aspires to go beyond maintaining its current primary status in the preferences of the Greek internet users and compete with leading international news corporations both in terms of technological expertise and services offered.

Newsbomb.gr has already set the basis for this, through its complete modernization and the addition of innovative services, like Bomb Plus and Bomb TV. Services which elevate user experience, advertising opportunities and content visualization to a completely different level. At the same time, aligned with the latest market trends, a fully responsive edition applied to all devices is available.

Newsbomb.gr is commercially represented by DPG Digital Media, the top digital media – marketing & communications network in the Greek market, a factor that offers even greater commercial strength to the acclaimed news site.