DPG Digital Media, got off to a great start as a new member of the official website traffic statistics provided by the Union of Internet Publishers (ENED). The participation of the sites that DPG Digital Media either owns or represents commercially in the official statistics was initiated in November 2014 with impressive results.

According to the November 2014 ENED statistics, Newsbomb.gr, the leading news site   monetized by DPG Digital Media, is rated first among all Greek websites in terms of unique visitors for November, reaching a total of 3.257.836 unique browsers during this period.

Additionally, metrics for the rest of the sites owned or monetized by DPG Digital Media are indicative of the network’s dynamic position in the market, as three of them (Newsbomb.gr, Gossip-TV.gr and Queen.gr) are among the Top 20 sites with most unique visitors for November!

This first ENED report is a clear indication of the potential that DPG Digital Media provides in the constantly growing digital environment. A potential materialized both for the audience embracing the group’s portfolio and the primary content it provides, as well as for the market offering excellent advertising opportunities to brands, through quality selections that cover all relevant target groups.