breaks the “language borders” in online news coverage and now includes two new sections; presenting daily around the world the main news from Greece, in Russian and English.

The leading news website is once again a pioneer and offers complete, accurate and timely information, publishing what is happening in Greece and providing totally free access to two new sections in the English and Russian speaking users living in our country.

Through these two online versions in English and Russian, emerges as the first source of information about what is happening in Greece, for two huge "tanks" of Internet users.

At the same time, during a very critical period for the country and before the start of the tourist season, aims in supporting our country and enhancing its visibility around the world, through a series of promotional activities in Russia, USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

The surprises for the visitors of the leading news website in Greece and for Greeks around the world will continue, being numerous and very pleasant!

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