Some of the largest digital publishers in the country move forward to a pioneer move for Greek standards, announcing the creation and launch of the «Premium Publisher’s Network».

DPG Digital Media in cooperation with 24Media, Olive Media and AdWeb, created the largest private market place in the Greek market with the aim to provide via programmatic offering the highest coverage, both quantitatively through the 1 billion impressions that are available on a monthly basis, and qualitatively with a 100% brand safe environment in all subject areas.

According to the Premium Publisher's Network announcement:

"The Premium Publisher's Network (PPN) announces its launch in August 2014 in beta version. With the technological platform ADTECHmarketplace™ of AOL, PPV will provide exclusively to the Greek and international market the audience of key digital Greek Publishers.

24MEDIA, DPG Digital Media, Olive Media and AdWeb are creating the biggest private market place in the Greek Market with highly developed targeting options, an available inventory that exceeds 1 billion impressions per month and a 100% “brand-safe” and upgraded environment.

The target is to create the biggest programmatic offering in Greece, with the highest coverage qualitatively, as well as in the different thematic areas that it will stand out and distinguish its position from the other ad exchanges.

In early September, an event will be held in order to present the PPN and its potential in the Greek market, as well as to announce the new partnerships.

Next step for PPN will be the expansion in both mobile as well as new exclusive audience metrics."