, the leading news site monetized by DPG Digital Media, maintains its position as the leading digital news destination, remaining at the top of the official website traffic statistics provided by the Union of Internet Publishers (ENED). According to the stats released for December 2014, has in fact increased the number of its unique visitors to 3.398.699 unique browsers, showing a 4.32% increase versus November 2014.


These numbers are impressive, considering that they cover a period of strong political developments in Greece, with the unfruitful efforts to elect a new Greek President leading up to the proclamation of general elections. This increase of the already impressive number of unique visitors clearly reflects that is widely accepted by the public as the primary online source for real-time, accurate news reporting.


The participation of the sites that DPG Digital Media either owns or represents commercially in the official statistics was initiated in November 2014. The impressive results they have delivered is reflecting the undeniable potential of both and the rest of the DPG Digital Media network as premium news sources, as well as the best overall advertising solution for brands in the Greek market.