The first of April marked a very prestigious occasion for DPG, as its basketball team and reigning champions of this year’s Press Basketball Championship had the unique opportunity to play a friendly match against the basketball team of the Greek Parliament!

The event was held at the OAKA Stadium courts, while the team of the Greek Parliament was comprised by former national basketball players as well as prominent MPs, such as Mr. Giannis Ioannidis, with a long and successful history as coach of Greek basketball teams, and Mr. Andreas Loverdos, former Health Minister.

The game was challenging for the Press champions of DPG, as their more experienced opponents got off to a strong head start. DPG recovered during the second period, but the injury of one of DPGs key players turned the tide in favor of the Greek Parliament team, with the final score of 67-48 sealing an interesting game. Despite the loss and the unfortunate injury, this was indeed a unique experience for DPG players.

This game led to a festive conclusion of an entirely successful season for the DPG basketball team, which was recently crowned Press champions for the first time in its history.