March of 2015 has been another fruitful month for the sites owned or monetized by DPG Digital Media. As the latest official website traffic statistics provided by the Union of Internet Publishers (ENED) showed, most of the sites achieved leading positions in their respective content categories. Furthermore, the majority of them also showed an increase in visits which validates the fact that DPG Digital Media is the digital network of choice in the Greek market.

Spearheading this success story is once again, the leading news site monetized by DPG Digital Media, which topped the official website traffic list for the fifth month in a row with 4.468.801 unique browsers in March. is the leading lifestyle and celebrities’ related website with 2.117.452 unique browsers, is the top site related to children and parenthood, having hosted 972.456 unique visitors, while is the most visited site in its relevant category with 681.382 unique browsers.

 In addition, visits were also very high for both, the hottest women’s site and, primary spot for anything related to health and well-being, which both exceeded 1 million visitors, reaching 1.556.326 and 1.110.300 unique browsers respectively. The impressive stats are rounded up with, which hosted 859.371 unique sports fans in March.

 Overall, the portfolio of sites that DPG Digital Media owns or commercially represents had a significant accumulated growth of over 8% versus February, a fact reflecting the quality content as well as the solid advertising potential that the network offers to both visitors and brands alike.