The site established top position, among all Greek websites, for 2015, the leading news site monetized by DPG Digital Media, maintained the top spot in the official website traffic statistics provided by the Union of Internet Publishers (ENED/ AT Internet) for December 2015, recording 4.242.048 unique browsers.

Based on the official traffic data, demonstrates a year of exceptional performance and impressive records, by remaining at the top of the official visitor traffic ratings of all Greek websites, every month in 2015.

These unique performance results are recorded in a year of intense competition among the many significant news sites of the country, given the turbulent political and economic environment which increased the interest of users for valid and multilateral information, in a year when two critical national elections and a referendum took place.

On the occasion of this important success, Vasilenia Angeloudi, Commercial Director of the DPG Digital Media Group stated: “The leading position of in the field of digital communication and information, is clearly depicted in the trust shown by advertisers. A trust that is won on a daily basis, by offering cutting – edge creative solutions, mobile services, a strong active presence on social media channels, as well as the opportunity to be identified with the content or the agenda of their choice. This leading position of is the result of a multidimensional strategy, which introduces the production of premium news & entertainment content and leads to commercial success”