DPG network performed the highest monthly audience reach, ever recorded on the Greek Internet


DPG Digital Media network reached a total of 11.438.522 Unique visitors on February, based on the official accredited traffic measure data (ΑΤ INTERNET/ OJD / ΕΝΕΔ), the highest network reach ever recorded on the Greek Internet, since the commencement of the cohesive accredited audience measurement of ENED in 2013.

On this occasion Tina Ferentinou, CEO of DPG Digital Media, stated: “This impressive unique traffic record follows a year of exceptional performances and seals the leading position of DPG Digital Media. Through our diverse brands portfolio, which among others includes Newsbomb.gr, CNN Greece, Queen.gr, GossipTv.gr and Mothersblog.gr and is commercially managed by DPG, we continue offering content of the highest quality and cutting edge advertising services to the market”.