DPG Digital Media received two Gold and four Bronze Awards during the 2017 Digital Media Awards ceremony held on May 24th at the Hellenic Motor Museum.

More specifically DPG won the following awards in the respective categories:

Gold Award in the special category: "Best New Entry" for the men's site of the Group, Ratpack.gr.

Gold Award in the category: “Best Site/Astrology” for the astrological site of the Group, Astrology.gr.

Bronze Award in the category: "Best Reader Interaction", for the #iContact, a user-generated content platform, of CNN.gr.

Bronze Award in the category: "Integrated Reporting", also for CNN.gr for the Insights content category.

Bronze Award as well as in the category: “Integrated Reporting” for a complete travelogue in Thrace, for Newsbomb.gr, which is monetized by DPG Digital Media.

Bronze Award in the category: “Best Native Advertising / Publisher” as a recognition of the best digital services to advertisers and specifically for the Golden Hall native content production, for the women’s portal of the Group, Queen.gr.

This is the fourth consecutive year that DPG Digital Media stands out in DIME Awards Festival, following another year of growth momentum and verifying in the best possible way the strategic development of the company in producing innovative ideas, primary content and 360 advertising solutions for its clients.