Straight Solutions (2S) is our specialized company in the field of Mobile Marketing


Concept, design, development and operation of premium mobile marketing applications.


Content services, interactive communication, competitions, voting, etc. make up the portfolio of our applications.

Through the SMS2ALL platform, we offer a reliable bulk SMS solution: direct promotion of the brand with guaranteed message delivery.

Promotional activities and One-to-One customer information through recorded messages about new products/services, promotions, contests, reminders, surveys, etc. 

Outbound voice campaigns using up-to-date  applications (IVR Platform – Voting, Live Chat etc) that cover the entire spectrum of voice services (entertainment, functional, informational etc) and are offered via premium  901 – 909 or 5-digit numbers



Our focus: Accelerate the transformation and innovation of marketing through mobile, driving business growth with closer consumer engagement.

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